Following the exit of T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung from her television drama, anti-fans are demanding the departure of the rest of the T-ara members from their respective television dramas.

After Ham Eun Jung’s departure from SBS’ Five Fingers was confirmed through a press release by SBS, anti-fans, once more, began flocking to the message boards of Hyo Min’s MBC drama and So Yeon’s KBS drama to demand their exit as well.

A look at the message board for KBS’ Haeundae Lovers showed comments from anti-fans such as, “I want to watch this drama, but I refuse to because of So Yeon”, “So Yeon is bringing the ratings for the show down and “She doesn’t even appear that much in the drama. Why does KBS insist on keeping her?”

The same went for the message board for Hyo Min’s MBC drama, One Thousandth Man with comments posted such as, “Please make Hyo Min exit too now”, “How can you continue to appear and act as though nothing has happened?” and “This is very disappointing of MBC.”

Still, a few still expressed their support for Ham Eun Jung with supportive messages on Five Fingers’ message board with comments such as, “Ham Eun Jung seems to have taken a sacrifice” and “Please be strong.”

Despite the varying opinions, one thing seemed to remain certain- the T-ara issue continues to brew on, while remaining a divisive issue for many.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan