Among the MBLAQ members, G.O. has been revealed as the most muscled member.

In the upcoming episode of MBC’s Idol Manager, the MBLAQ members will be seen undergoing their “abs project” to build and create abs and reveal them in time for MBLAQ’s third anniversary.

Engaging in a competition amongst each other, the MBLAQ members will undergo a rigorous exercise regiment, boxing and sparring classes and a body measurement test.

Surprisingly, the body measurement test reveals G.O. as having the most muscle mass among the MBLAQ members with G.O. besting even Lee Joon who everyone thought would come out first.

Their gym trainer, Kim Ji Hoon said to G.O., “Usually the people born [with a muscled body] don’t make a lot of effort. Try your best with this opportunity.”

The episode airs on September 7 on MBC Everyone.

Photo Credit: MBC

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