The six member rookie group G.IAM held its debut showcase and landed in the scene with a bang.

The showcase for the group′s new album Brand New World was held on September 16 in Seoul. The event was hosted by comedian Park Se Min, and G.IAM showed off its splendid performances, individual charms and vocal skills.

It also received applause for its performances of its new singles I′ll Be There and Only You.

The new singles were released on September 14. G.IAM managed to gather much attention to its debut following the release by appearing in ETN′s reality show Hotshot and revealing what happened during the members′ training periods and after its debut.

Though it hasn′t been long since it made its debut, the group has been receiving love calls from music shows, variety shows and even Japan and China.

The group aims to be "a group that can always be with fans" under its slogan of ′Anytime, anywhere, always, be together′.

Photo credit: Red Apple Entertainment

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