The music video teaser for Thai singer Natthew has just been released.

The Thai chart-topping singer will be making his Korean debut next week and the music video teaser for his K-Pop debut single, She’s Bad was released by CJ E&M on November 9 under the joint Korean-Thai ‘New Natthew Project’.

Natthew displays his charisma and swag in the bright and flashy video for the electro-pop number, making stunning transformation for the singer, known more in the past for his ballads. Already the singer is being lauded for his growth as an artist since beginning his training in Korea with many of the staff from his music video shoot praising the singer as having matured in his appearance and talents.

Assisted by a top production crew from Korea, Natthew’s upcoming single, She’s Bad is composed by C-Luv who composed hits like Rain’s Love Song. The song features Yong Jun Hyung of B2ST while Natthew’s logo was designed by the talented Jaekyung from Rainbow, which will be revealed in the full music video.

Natthew will release the single album and full music video on November 15.

Watch the teaser below:

Photo Credit: CJ E&M