Though exhibiting similarities as sisters, one difference between sisters Jessica and Krystal has been spotted by a netizen.

Recently a netizen posted a short gif of the two sisters under the title, ‘The difference between Jessica and Krystal.”

The revealed gif showed Jessica attending an event and having to squint her eyes as she was being blinded by the camera flashes from the press.

However, a second gif showed Krystal at an event as well and being flashed by the camera lights as well. However, unlike her sister, Krystal exhibited no signs of discomfort or effect from the camera flashes as she stared on into the press crowd charismatically.

Netizens responded by saying, “Jessica is the princess and Krystal the warrior?”, “Krystal’s charisma is daebak” and “The unnie seems more like the dongseng.”

Photo credit: Online community