Girls′ Generation (SNSD) talked about how it got to wear sneakers for its recent performances.

SBS′ One Night of TV Entertainment interviewed SNSD for its January 9 broadcast and talked about its new release, I Got a Boy.

For the new song, SNSD put on a new look completely different from its previous image, and showcased a powerful performance to fit the new song.

Sunny said, "It′s already been six years since SNSD made its debut. The song could feel different from SNSD′s original color."

Sooyoung added, "I wondered how people would take it because the song is new and the performances are different, but I think many fans like it though listeners are very divided on the issue."

Hyoyeon opened up on the choreography.

"I was shocked as soon as we saw the choreography," she said. "I was concerned on whether we could do it 100 percent."

Tiffany also said, "We said firmly that we won′t be wearing heels for this. We said we would concentrate on the performance after giving up our high heels."

SNSD is currently promoting I Got a Boy on various music shows.

Photo credit: SBS