JYJ′s Kim Junsu was ranked as the no. 1 new celebrity rich in real estate.

The February 6 broadcast of SBS′ Live Today ranked the top three new real estate-rich celebrities.

The show reported that Kim Junsu, who earns hundreds of millions of won for his commercials and musical performances, currently owns a penthouse worth 2.6 billion won, a townhouse worth 1.8 billion won and land in Jejudo worth about 15 billion won. His real estate property adds up to about 20 billion won in total.

The townhouse his parents currently live in even holds a garden and an underground mini-bar.

On the land he owns in Jejudo, he is currently building a resort, that is set to finish construction in June 2014.

The no. 2 spot went to Jang Keun Suk, with 14 billion won in buildings and villas, and no. 3 went to BoA with 8.3 billion won in vacation homes, buildings and villas.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan