Last July 14 and 15, at Saitama Super Arena in Japan, he had his collaboration/solo live concert with 60,000 fans. กใ Photo=Kim Hyun Joong, KeyeastJuly 14, together with Naoto Intiraimi, they had a collaboration stage performance 'Double Fatasista great assist' with a powerful and energetic stage performance. On July 15, his solo concert was filled with all of his fans and they were going nuts over Hyun Joong. กใ Photo=Kim Hyun Joong, KeyeastEven before the concert begun, they were waiting for him to appear on stage while watching the video on the big screen, fans were already going crazy, and when he appeared, they were all screaming for him. He performed, Heat, Lets Party live and with the powerful performance, he definitely put out all his energy for this concert and of course, for his fans. กใ Photo=Kim Hyun Joong, KeyeastSince he was very busy with his schedule, it has been announced that before the stage performance, he was getting dextrose shots since he was very weak, but it was amazing how he was able to perform just for his fans. In between the concert, he conversed with his fans, and promoting his new album as well. Kim Hyun Joong, right when he finished the concert, it seemed like he wanted to perform more but he had to come down. กใ Photo=Kim Hyun Joong, KeyeastLast July 4, his second single HEAT was released and it has already reached 183,000 copies sold. With his current release of his second single and drama shows, he is currently living such a busy life.