Beating over 1 million contestants who participated in Mnet Superstar K2 to emerge as one of the Top 11 finalists, Kim So Jung has been steadily climbing up the ladder of fame since the debut of her first album, "HERRAH'S". Sending her support to the contestants of Safra PK Challenge, Kim So Jung made a special guest appearance at Hark Music during her trip to Singapore and shared some personal experiences of joining the auditions and the journey to stardom.

"It is your stage. Enjoy it, engage the audience, and most importantly, be confident."

Showcasing her strong vocals with a performance of "Sweat or Tears", the humble singer followed up with a Q&A session and gave some advices and words of encouragement to the contestants who aspire to be a great singer like her. She also talked about her 2nd single "BLAP", a very energetic song that shows her transformation to a lovely and youthful self. 

"This song talks about a woman's jealousy in a cute way. It is a very cheerful and charming song, and especially suits the Singapore weather too! I hope you will listen to it well."

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